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TitleSimon Fraser University - Department of Mathematics
Author[Chair of Department] Archibald, Tom
PublisherDepartment of Mathematics, Simon Fraser University: Burnaby, CA (BC)
Country (State)Canada
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Keywordsmathematics; institute; SFU
Description"The Department of Mathematics currently numbers 26 faculty. In a typical semester the ranks of regular faculty are augmented with up to 10 post-doctoral fellows and Visiting Professors. At present the Department has had a graduate enrolment between 40 and 45. The Department has earned a national and international reputation as one of the most forward-looking and broad-based mathematical sciences departments in Canada. Undergraduate and graduate students thrive in the highly interactive and personalized environment which characterizes our Department and is typical of the unique character of Simon Fraser University. We offer a broad program of training in contemporary Mathematics, but also specialize in various areas for which we are internationally recognized.
The members of the Department have organized themselves into two research groups: the Pure Mathematics group and the Applied and Computational Mathematics group. Acting under the aegis of the Department's Graduate Studies Committee, both of these groups maintain their own graduate programs and their own course listings. These graduate and research activities are described in the two documents: Applied and Computational Mathematics and Pure Mathematics. It should be stressed that there is close co-operation between the groups. Students in one of the three programs will often be primarily concerned with the courses listed under that program, but may take courses listed in the other two sections. For example, students pursuing a graduate program under the Pure Mathematics listing may take courses listed under Applied and Computational Mathematics (and/or Statistics)."
Source TypeUniversity Departments
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Levelundergraduate - professional
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