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TitleLouisiana State University - Department of Mathematics
Author[Department Chair] Smolinsky, Lawrence
PublisherDepartment of Mathematics, Louisiana State University: Baton Rouge, US (LA)
Country (State)United States of America (LA)
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Keywordsmathematics; LSU; Louisiana State University
Description"We provide excellent opportunities for study and research in mathematics. We continue to grow and develop both in size and the diversity of programs.
Our faculty are very active in research in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, and mathematics education. They also lead educational and industrial outreach programs. Professors are deeply involved in undergraduate education through mentoring of undergraduate research and outreach, directing undergraduate theses, innovative course design, and projects with undergraduates. The department has maintained LSU Foundations of Excellence status since the beginning of the program in the late 1990's.
We have a thriving graduate program with 90 graduate students. The interaction of undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty, all representing a wide variety of cultures, makes the LSU Mathematics Department an exciting place for learning and furthering mathematics. As well as support through teaching and individual faculty research grants, students may be supported by our NSF VIGRE grant, NSF IGERT grant, an NSF GK-12 grant, US Dept of Education GAANN grant, and LA BoR grants. Some of the LA BoR grants give very generous support to graduate students without any required teaching duties."
Source TypeUniversity Departments
Levelundergraduate - professional
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