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TitleUniversity of Michigan - Department of Mathematics
PublisherUniversity of Michigan - Department of Mathematics: Ann Arbor, US (MI)
Country (State)United States of America (FL)
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Keywordsmathematics; University of Michigan; Ann Arbor
Description"As part of a large public research university, the Department performs many different roles in fulfilling its mission to discover and communicate mathematical knowledge. In the broadest terms, the Department is strongly committed to the following goals.
* To provide a wide range of opportunities for first- and second-year students to acquire the mathematical skills they will need in their chosen field of study. Diverse levels of student preparation and career goals require a variety of content and pedagogy.
* To offer a range of undergraduate concentration programs designed to prepare students for leading roles in education, science, business, industry, the professions, and other careers. Of equal importance with mathematical content in these programs are the analytical and problem-solving skills which find application in nearly every field of endeavor.
* To offer graduate programs leading to the M.S. degree which include a comprehensive level of specialized training in mathematics applicable to science, engineering, and business.
* To offer graduate programs leading to the Ph.D. degree which enable students to reach and expand the frontiers of mathematical knowledge through original research while acquiring a broad grasp of the current state of the field. An important component of these programs is training in the skills of teaching and communicating mathematics.
* To provide in all of these programs a supportive learning environment in which students can develop to their maximum potential.
* To conduct research in mathematics, individually and in collaborative groups with colleagues around the nation and the world, with the goal of increasing human understanding of all mathematical notions and their applications.
* To cooperate with agents of the University, the State of Michigan, other levels of government, representatives of industry and business, and local, national and international societies to further the field of mathematics and
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