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TitleUniversity of New Orleans - Department of Mathematics
PublisherUniversity of New Orleans - Department of Mathematics: New Orleans, US (LA)
Country (State)United States of America (LA)
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Keywordsmathematics; New Orleans; UNO
Description"We have recently redesigned our undergraduate program. Three new concentrations have been added to the standard degree program for a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics.
Actuarial mathematics is the study of risk and uncertainty in a financial setting, and is useful in all areas of business. The Actuarial Mathematics Concentration at UNO is specifically designed to help you pass the tests (see the Society of Actuaries homepage) to become an actuary.
Industrial Mathematics is a broad term used to describe many areas of applied mathematics. In the Industrial Mathematics Concentration, you will study differential equations, mathematical modelling, numerical analysis, and optimization. The goal is to provide a breadth of training that will help you in many applied settings.
Mathematics.We offer the original Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with the flexibility to design your own program. This is useful for people wanting a degree in pure math, as well as those double majoring in math and some other field.
Statistics includes the study of data in all of its many forms. In the Statistics Concentration, you will learn practical methods for analyzing data, as well as the theoretical ideas behind these methods."
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Levelundergraduate - professional
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