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TitleEdinboro University of Pennsylvania - Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Author[Department Chair] Hillman, Patricia
[Assistant Chair] Quinn, Anne
PublisherDepartment of Mathematics and Computer Science, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania: Edinboro, US (PA)
Country (State)United States of America
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Keywordsmathematics; computer science; Edinboro University
Description"The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science develops the capacity of the student to analyze a variety of life situations modeling the problem environment with logical and numerical tools. As such, a strong foundation in mathematics and computer science becomes the basis for clear reasoning and problem solving in many other areas. Professionals in virtually all disciplines recognize the importance of mastering computer skills, developing problem-solving competence and studying mathematics. When students develop their abilities in mathematics and computer science they move from using the logical models proposed by others, to being able to create new approaches for the problems and technologies of tomorrow.
Course offerings include courses in algebra, analysis, statistics, geometry, programming languages, software design, database design and management, data structures, networking, artificial intelligence, operating systems, and computer architecture. The department also provides a variety of introductory courses from which students in any curriculum may select according to their needs and interests."
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Source TypeUniversity Departments
MSCverbalgeneral; computer science
MSC00-XX; 68-XX
Levelundergraduate - professional
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