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TitleMuskingum College - Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
PublisherMuskingum College - Department of Mathematics and Computer Science: New Concord, US (OH)
Country (State)United States of America (OH)
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Keywordsmathematics; computer science; Muskingum College
Description"The department provides a personal, friendly environment for students. Majors in the department come from many countries and backgrounds. There is ample opportunity for discussion with other students with both similar and dissimilar backgrounds. Students can choose electives to tailor their course of study to fit their personal career goals.
A mathematics major consists of a minimum of 18 hours on the 300-400 level, including algebraic structures and analysis. Since most students start the program with beginning calculus, the requirement generally amounts to 30 hours.
The department sponsors a student organization - the Ohio Zeta chapter of Kappa Mu Epsilon (KME), a national mathematics honor society. The organization meets monthly and sponsor special events and speakers. KME sponsors an annual Freshman Mathematics Achievement Award.
The department employs qualified students as departmental assistants. Their duties include tutoring and grading coursework. These valuable positions provide salaries and important experience for many students each year.
Students may also obtain internships with industry. These internships, which often lead to employment after graduation, carry academic course credit and usually provide financial support. "
Source TypeUniversity Departments
MSCverbalgeneral; computer science
MSC00-XX; 68-XX
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