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TitleUniversity of Texas at Austin - Geometry Research Group
AuthorAllcock, Daniel
Ben-Zvi, David
Freed, Daniel
PublisherUniversity of Texas at Austin - Department of Mathematics: Austin, US (TX)
Country (State)United States of America (TX)
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KeywordsUT; Austin; University of Texas; Department of Mathematics; geometry; research
Description"The geometry group at the University of Texas received a Research Training Grant (RTG) from the National Science Foundation in 2007. This has enabled us to begin new activities for undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral associates with a great impact at all levels. The newly invigorated Undergraduate Mathematics Research Club, a department-wide activity which spans all of the mathematical sciences, is a gathering place for our many excellent mathematics majors. There are two new seminar courses for graduate students: a directed study of some topic in geometry for beginning graduate students and a literature course for those beginning their dissertations. The RTG funds many visitors to the geometry group, including each year a distinguished senior geometer to give the Perspectives in Geometry lectures."
Source TypeUniversity Departments
MSC53-XX; 14-XX
Levelgraduate; professional
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