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TitleUniversity of Sheffield - Department of Probability and Statistics
PublisherDepartment of Probability and Statistics, University of Sheffield: Sheffield, GB
Country (State)United Kingdom (UK)
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Keywordsmathematics; stochastics; statistics; University of Sheffield; Sheffield
Description"The Department of Probability and Statistics is part of the School of Mathematics and Statistics, which includes two other Departments: Applied Mathematics and Pure Mathematics.
We are all located in the Hicks Building, which is near to the centre of the University.
The Department has an extensive and very active programme of teaching and research.
Great emphasis is placed on the practical application of statistical method in the outside world. This interest is reflected in the research work of staff and PhD students and in the importance that is attached to the Department's Statistical Services Unit, which provides a comprehensive range of services to industry, commerce and the public services."
Contained inSchool of Mathematics and Statistics <>
Source TypeUniversity Departments
MSCverbalProbability theory and stochastic processes; Statistics
MSC60-XX; 62-XX
Levelpopular; undergraduate - professional
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