Metadata: Algebraic Geometry at MSRI - Spring 2009

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TitleAlgebraic Geometry at MSRI - Spring 2009
Author[Organizer] Harris, Joe
[Organizer] Fulton, Bill
PublisherMathematical Sciences Research Institute: Berkeley, US (CA)
Country (State)United States of America
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Keywordsmathematics; algebraic geometry; MSRI
Description"In Spring 2009, MSRI will host a special half-year program on algebraic geometry. The algebraic geometry program will be the only program at MSRI during that time, rather than the usual sharing between two different programs. It will be twice the size of usual programs.
Algebraic geometry has long been a central subject, with deep and substantial connections to almost every aspect of modern mathematics. There are numerous different approaches to the field, utilizing widely varying technical tools: commutative algebra, complex analysis, sheaf theory, cohomological methods, and combinatorial techniques all play important roles.
The multiplicity of techniques and interconnections creates a conundrum for the student of algebraic geometry; How can I learn all the specific tools of the trade, while at the same time developing an overall sense for what guides the subject? Even established researchers can feel powerful centrifugal forces pulling at the field, as it spawns new specialties with astonishing regularity.
In spring 2009, MSRI will sponsor a program on algebraic geometry, emphasizing cross-fertilization between different areas. The organizers hope to convey the essential unity of the subject, especially to young researchers and established mathematicians in other fields who use algebraic geometry in their resource."
Source Type(Current) Research Projects; Congresses; Other Primary Information Sources
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