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TitlePenn State University Erie - The Behrend College - Center for Mathematical Biology
Author[Director] Rutter, Michael
PublisherCenter for Mathematical Biology, The Behrend College, Penn State University: Erie, US (PA)
Country (State)United States of America
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Keywordsmathematics; biology; Penn State; Pennsylvania State University; Erie
Description"The Center for Mathematical Biology (CMB) serves to encourage, coordinate, support, and publicize collaborative research between mathematicians and biologists. The interplay between biological experimentation and mathematical modeling provides an ideal mechanism for model development and verification and for the refinement of theory. Formalized ties and activities such as our ongoing seminar series help foster a spirit of cooperation between our two disciplines.
The CMB also reinforces Penn State Behrend's strong commitment to its undergraduates. Students are given the unique opportunity to engage in research from two very different, but complementary, points of view. Funding for research in this, and other fields, is provided through Behrend's Summer Research Grants and through the School of Science's Math Scholarship Award. On a national scale, Penn State Behrend has served as host for an NSF-funded Undergraduate Research Program in Mathematical Biology.
The CMB also plays a role in curriculum development and on pedagogical issues. This includes the implementation of calculus courses geared specifically for biology majors and the development of a mathematical biology course at the senior level. CMB members also conduct a colloquium on mathematical biology which gives students an introduction to the methods of research in mathematical biology."
Source TypeUniversity Departments
Levelundergraduate - professional
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