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TitlePenn State University Erie - The Behrend College - School of Science - Mathematics
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PublisherMathematics, School of Science, The Behrend College, Pennsylvania State University: Erie, US (PA)
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Keywordsmathematics; Penn State; Pennsylvania State University; Erie
Description"The future for mathematicians is bright. The demand for this special skill has been created by the desire to maximize computer efficiency; a shortage of science teachers; a need for actuarial specialists who can master the growing complexity of the insurance industry; and the pressure for fast and accurate decision-making processes in a competitive international market.
As a Mathematics major at Penn State Behrend, you'll choose to study one of five options to earn a Bachelor of Science degree:
*In the General Mathematics Option, you'll pursue coursework in preparation for graduate study in math or statistics. The option is flexible enough so you also can use it to pursue a secondary interest in another discipline, usually as a minor.
*The Applied Mathematics Option focuses on mathematical analysis, modeling, and problem solving. This option is a good choice if you plan to apply your mathematics skills within another scientific area such as physics, chemistry, biology, or psychology.
*Using the Business Option, you'll receive a strong background in statistics, computer programming, and systems management.
*The Mathematics Education Option is designed for students want to pursue careers as mathematics teachers in secondary schools. This Option provides both a strong foundation in mathematics content and hands-on experience in the classroom to teach Secondary Mathematics Education.
*The Education Pre-Certification Option is designed for students who want pursue a career in mathematics education. Penn State Erie offers a "4 + 1" teacher certification program through nearby Mercyhurst College.
*The Computer Science Option covers applied and theoretical topics such as operating systems, algorithms, programming languages, object-oriented programming, and networks."
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