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TitleUniversity of California, Berkeley - Interdepartmental Group in Biostatistics
Author[Chair] Dudoit, Sandrine
PublisherInterdepartmental Group in Biostatistics, University of California: Berkeley, US (CA)
Country (State)United States of America
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KeywordsUniversity of California; Berkeley; UC; mathematics; statistics; biomathematics
Description"Many issues in the health, medical and biological sciences are addressed by collecting and exploring relevant data. The development and application of techniques to better understand such data is the fundamental concern of the Group in Biostatistics. The program offers training in theory of statistics and biostatistics, computer implementation of analytic methods and opportunities to use this knowledge in areas of biological/medical research. The resources and facilities in the School of Public Health and the Department of Statistics, together with those of other university departments offer a broad set of opportunities to satisfy the needs of individual students. Involvement of faculty from the Department of Biostatistics & Epidemiology at UC San Francisco enriches instructional and research activities.
The Interdepartmental Group in Biostatistics on the Berkeley campus of the University of California offers graduate programs leading to the MA and PhD degrees. These programs are appropriate for the student who has a mathematical or statistical background with a major interest in the biomedical sciences, or those with a degree in the biological sciences with a major interest in mathematics and statistics.
The curriculum is drawn principally from course offerings in both the Department of Statistics and the School of Public Health on the Berkeley campus. In addition to reading the material presented here, prospective applicants may want to visit both the Public Health and Statistics web sites to gain information on the range of resources available to Biostatistics students."
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Source TypeUniversity Departments
MSC62-XX; 92B15; 62Pxx
Levelundergraduate - professional
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