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TitleUniversity of Texas at Austin - Applied Mathematics Group
PublisherInstitute for Computational Engineering and Sciences - University of Texas at Austin: Austin, US (TX)
Country (State)United States of America
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KeywordsICES; University of Texas; mathematics; applied mathematics; research
Description"The ICES group for Applied Mathematics is an interdisciplinary research effort from departments including Mathematics, Physics and Computer Sciences. It focuses its research on the modeling, analysis and numerical simulations of non-linear phenomena. Some of the current research projects include a wide range of theoretical and computational aspects of mathematical models for non-linear dynamics in quantum, kinetic and fluid transport. In particular we study some aspects of collisional and collisionless plasmas; integral diffusion (Levy) processes; multi-scale modeling in high frequency wave propagation, visibility optimization and image processing; non-linear elasticity in periodically or randomly heterogeneous media; multi-scale non-linear flows with applications to dispersive wave propagation, hydrodynamics; transport in porous media, macroscopic/mesoscopic and phenomenological models for phase transitions in spatial-temporal periodic and randomly heterogeneous media; geomechanics, aerodynamics, biological and molecular dynamics; and charged particle transport emphasizing the linking of quantum, statistical and fluid mechanical states; premixed and non-premixed turbulent combustion models in spatial-temporal periodic and randomly heterogeneous media, as well as computational number theory and combinatorics."
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Source TypeResearch Institutes
MSC00A69; 00-XX
Levelgraduate - professional
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