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Title[Wien] Vienna University of Technology - Financial and Actuarial Mathematics
Author[Head] Schmock, Uwe
PublisherResearch Unit of Financial and Actuarial Mathematics, Department of Mathematical Methods in Economics, Vienna University of Technology: Vienna, AT
LanguageEnglish; German
Country (State)Austria
Format of datatext/html
Keywordsmathematics; department; research; FAM; Wien; TU Vienna; Technische Universität Wien
Description"Stochastic mathematical finance is a very active field of research which is developed in academia as well as by practitioners in banks and insurance companies. For the management of financial risk and the pricing and hedging of derivatives, e.g. options, the use of advanced stochastic methods became an indispensable tool in recent years.
The modelling of insurance risk has already a longer tradition and is the classical domain of actuaries.
The areas of financial and actuarial mathematics become more and more interrelated and present an excellent example of a fruitful interplay between basic research and practical applications. The corresponding mathematical techniques become increasingly important in the daily business of banks and insurance companies, which offer excellent job opportunities to specialists in the field."
Source TypeResearch Institutes
MSC91Bxx; 62P05
Levelundergraduate - professional
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