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TitleOral Roberts University - Computer Science and Mathematics Department
PublisherComputer Science and Mathematics Department, Oral Roberts University: Tulsa, US (OK)
Country (State)United States of America
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Keywordsmathematics; computer science; Oral Roberts University
Description"The outstanding faculty at Oral Roberts University provide students with an appreciation for the impact of technology on modern day society. The department provides valuable computational and reasoning tools for use in any discipline. Your degree from ORU will prepare you for employment in industry, business, government and education. You can receive a degree in Mathematics, Mathematics Education, or Computer Science. These three degrees provided by the Computer Sciences and Mathematics Department will also provide you with the background necessary for graduate work in these career fields. The department's mission statement provides the conceptual framework required in the liberal arts tradition necessary to address the scope, power, and application of computer science and mathematics. These programs were developed to start you on the path to life-long learning, spiritually, mentally, and physically."
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Source TypeUniversity Departments
MSCverbalgeneral; computer science
MSC00-XX; 68-XX
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