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TitleCIMAT - Centro de Investigacion en Matematicas
Center for Mathematical Research
PublisherCentro de Investigacion en Matematicas: Guanajuato, MX
LanguageEnglish; Spanish
Country (State)Mexico
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Keywordsmathematics; research; CIMAT; CONACyT; Guanajuato
Description"The Center for Mathematical Research (CIMAT) was established in the city of Guanajuato in the year 1980 and belongs to the System of Public Centers of Mexico's National Board of Science and Technology, CONACyT.
CIMAT is oriented to scientific research under schemes of excellence. This has led to the integration of a critical mass of groups of high scientific performance. The center has thus become a development nucleus in growing consolidation. It is also devoted to the generation, transmission and application of knowledge in specialized sectors, as well as to the formation of high-level human resources in the areas of Pure Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, and Computer Science.
Nowadays, CIMAT is one of the most important research centers of the country. Its continuous endeavour to achieve an equilibrium between pure and applied mathematics, combined with its collective work with other institutions and private enterprises for the transference and joint development of technologies, give CIMAT a very special individuality. [...]."
Source TypeResearch Institutes
Levelgraduate - professional
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