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TitleTokyo Metropolitan University - Department of Mathematics and Information Sciences
PublisherDepartment of Mathematics and Information Sciences - Tokyo Metropolitan University: Tokyo, JP
LanguageEnglish; Japanese
Country (State)Japan
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Keywordsmathematics; Tokyo Metropolitan University; Tokyo
Description"The department intends to learn systematic theory in algebra,geometry, analysis, and information sciences and to guide the leading edge of research in modern mathematics with the aim of developing mutually and mixing the problem solution theme. Algebra, geometry,analysis, and information sciences function as the core and education and research are implemented to cross core curriculums organically in a cross-sectional manner. Trained in mathematical thinking under our research system, our department has developed original researchers with high logical and information processing ability and produced a number of flexible and broadminded people. Mathematics is the basis of all studies, including natural science and others. Our graduate school of science and engineering can help you learn a wide range of specialist knowledge in conjunction with application fields of electrical, electronic, and mechanical engineering. Meanwhile, the interdisciplinary graduate school of science holds an advantage in cross-fertilizing physics, chemical, life science, and education and research, which enables us to struggle and solve the urgent problems of modern society."
Source TypeUniversity Departments
Levelgraduate - professional
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