Source Type Catalog

Der "Formal Key" ist eine Abkürzung des Ressourcentyps ("Source Type") und dient zur Beschreibung der Informationsquelle. Er enthält eine Liste möglicher Typen, die sowohl Internet-Ressourcen als auch CD-ROMs und gedruckte Quellen erfassen soll. Über den "Formal Guide" des SSG-FI-Systems kann zu einem Ressourcentyp die Liste der vorliegenden Informationen eingesehen werden, bei den Infodateien wird der Formal Key als Metadatum, der "Source Type" als Klassifikation eingetragen.

No. Source Type Key Description/ Examples
1. Servers/Information Providers    
1.1 Libraries lb only subject-specific libraries to be included
1.2 Archives ar  
1.3 Museums mu  
1.4.1 University Departments sf1 homepages or points of entry
1.4.2 Research Institutes sf2 Research institutes, university-affiliated or not (e.g. think tanks)
1.5.1 Organizations and Societies so1 Academic associations
1.5.2 Official Governmental Server so2 International, national, regional, local
1.6 Commercial Provider sc Publishers, companies
1.6.1 Scientific Publishers sc1  
1.6.2 Booksellers sc2  
1.6.3 Instruments, Equipment, Software Providers sc3  
1.6.4 Exploration Companies sc4  
1.7 Personal Homepages ph Personal homepages of scientific interest
1.8 Communication Forums dg Discussion groups, news groups, news lists, mailing lists
1.9 Other Servers/ Information Providers etc-info Private homepages, etc.
2. Factual Reference Works    
2.1 General Encyclopedia and Biographic Lexicons ej  
2.1.1 Specific Encyclopedias ej1  
2.1.2 Bibliographic Encyclopedias ej2  
2.2 Dictionaries, Thesauri we  
2.3 Lists of Abbreviations ak  
2.4 Gazetteers oe Directories of (historic) places
2.5 Addresses and Personnel Directories ay Address lists, member lists, etc.
2.6 Data Collections d6 Hard data, primary data bases, statistics
2.7 Compendiums of Laws gs Legal provisions (not including collections of natural, physical, etc. laws)
2.8 Norms and Standards tm Normative documents (ISO/DIN standards), etc.
2.9 Manuals a2 explanatory and didactic manuals, e.g. for technical writing, presentation methods, etc.
2.10 (Current) Research Projects fp Lists of research projects or large projects
2.11 Other Factual Reference Work etc-fact  
3. Bibliographic Sources    
3.1 Virtual Libraries ff  
3.1.1 Special Subject Virtual Libraries is  
3.1.2 Author-Specific Sites au  
3.2 Bibliographic and Abstracting Series blz6  
3.3 Bibliographies of Special Subjects bl  
3.4 Bibliographies by Specific Document Type   Lists with links to providers of various document types (see below)
3.4.1 Lists of Periodicals/Journals vcz6  
3.4.2 Lists of Source Materials vcq6  
3.4.3 Lists of Primary Literature vcq61  
3.4.4 Lists of Secondary Literature vcq62  
3.4.5 Lists of Conference Proceedings vckn  
3.4.6 Lists of Government Reports vcbd  
3.4.7 Lists of Research Reports vcfd  
3.4.8 Lists of Theses and Dissertations vcho  
3.4.9 Lists of Map Collections vcka  
3.4.10 Lists of Standard Specifications vctm  
3.4.11 Lists of Translation Indexes vcue  
3.4.12 Other Lists of Specific Document Types vcan Software Directories, etc.
3.5 Subject-Specific Library Catalogs kb Special subject collections, recent acquisitions, etc.
3.6 Other Bibliographic Sources etc-bib  
4. Primary Information Sources    
4.1 Teaching Materials le Textbooks, lecture notes, introductions, etc.
4.2 Handbooks hb (not to be confused with "real" encyclopedia
4.3 Journals z6 Journals and electronic journals
4.3.1 Journals with Full Articles Available z61  
4.3.2 Journals with Selected Articles Available z62  
4.3.3 Journals with Abstracts only z63  
4.3.4 Journals with Table of Contents only z64  
4.3.5 Journals in Early Development Stage z65  
4.4 Series of Preprints, Reports, and Working Papers fd Links to series of documents, not to the individual documents themselves
4.5 Congresses kn (Proceedings from) congresses , conferences, symposia, annual meetings, or their respective homepages
4.6 Source Materials q6  
4.6.1 Primary Source Materials q61  
4.6.2 Secondary Source Materials q62  
4.7 Maps ka Map collections or important single maps
4.7.1 Thematic Maps ka1  
4.7.2 Topographic Maps ka2  
4.7.3 Historical Maps ka3  
4.7.4 Atlases ka4  
4.7.5 Catalog of Digital Maps ka5  
4.7.6 Touristic Maps, City Maps ka6  
4.8 (Collections of) Pictures, Photos bb  
4.9 Moving Pictures mp Moving pictures, animations, videos, films
4.10 (Virtual) Exhibitions at  
4.11 Software and Expert Systems do subject-specific software (downloadable or for online-use)
4.12 Other Primary Information Sources etc-prim  

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